Get Started on Your Kitchen Design Today!

Renovating or building a new kitchen or bathroom can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Help is right here. Measuring, drawing out your floor plan, and designing your dream kitchen or bathroom starts with your imagination and a few simple steps.


Step 1: Discover Your Kitchen's New Personality

The Traditional Kitchen

Solid wood cabinetry with furniture-like details, such as antique-style knobs and pulls which are symmetrical and balanced.

  • Wood with fine detailing
  • Polished brass and satin nickel finishes
  • Subtle shades that gently contrast

The Contemporary Kitchen

A sleek and simple design which incorporates bold colors sparingly as a statement.

  • Unbroken lines
  • Streamlined open shelving cabinetry
  • Shaker-style cabinetry

The Eclectic Kitchen

An expression of freedom that is never boring, borrowing both traditional and contemporary design elements.

  • Contrasting modern and traditional elements
  • Mixed materials such as wood and metal
  • Bold colours
  • Shaker-style cabinetry

Granite Countertops

Naturally heat-resistant stone that is hygienic and highly durable. 

  • A wide range of colours
  • Sealed for stain resistance
  • Low maintenance (clean with soapy cloth) 

Quartz Countertops

Manufactured with 93% quartz combined with resins for a more regular pattern than granite.  

  • Maintenance-free
  • Same performance as natural stone

Step 2: Measuring Up

Start with a tape measure, a pad and a pencil. You are almost there!

A. Room structure

Measure the ceiling height in from floor to ceiling. Start with the first wall on the left and work to your right around the room (corner to corner).

B. Locating Windows

Indicate window and door sizes and locations. Also indicate all breaks in walls by measuring from the corner to the outside edge of the moulding. Indicate all appliance locations, including width, height, and depth.

C. Switches, Pipes etc.

Measure to centerline of plumbing, ducting and outlets. Finally, double check all dimensions. 

 563959 Download Cabinets Measure Form


Step 3: Contact a Dealer for Professional Design Help