Terms of Dealership Agreement

Cowry is obliged to:

Help dealers with showroom set up: selection of locations, showroom designs, marketing strategies, etc.

Provide free training for dealers covering product knowledge, installation and sales.

Approve the regional exclusive dealership if a pre-agreed monthly volume has been agreed upon. 

Assist dealers with kitchen design and online ordering for three months from the start of business. Provide Google SEO services.

Provide free exchange of any defective, unassembled products or parts (if picture proof is provided), without carrying any shipping or labour cost, and free exchange or return of any products if the packages are intact and good for resale. 

Fully refund the showroom displayed kitchens by giving 5% of future orders’ value as credit for each transaction, until the credit equals the value of the displayed kitchens.


Cowry has and retains the right to:

Approve or deprive the exclusive dealership through the assessment of a dealer’s monthly volume.

Deprive any existing exclusive dealership at anytime if harmful behaviours to the well-being of Cowry have been discovered.


To be qualified for and maintain a dealership, the following conditions have to be met:

Showroom is at least 800 square feet, and no fewer than two full kitchens are installed for display.

Dealers shall have industry experiences or participate in training with Cowry.

Advertising in at least one local media (newspaper, magazine, radio or TV, etc.) if the region has a population of over 10,000.


Dealers have the right to:

Ask for advice and help with marketing development. 

Disengage from Cowry at anytime with advance notice of 60 days.