Terms and Conditions


Payment for the purchase of cabinets must be made when the order is placed through our website www.kitchensreno.com.

Purchase options are available by way of Credit Card, bank draft, and our online quick approval financing options, (see our site for additional information and process).

In the case of a purchase using a Credit Card,  we will seek a pre-authorization of the credit card when you place the order, and then charge the credit card for the full amount once the order has been approved and agreed by both parties.

In the case where you select one of our financing options, you will have the opportunity to choose the term, rate and payment frequency that best meet your budget. The Financing options are available online and/or on our mobile app. www.kitchenrenos.com  

Payment terms are subject to change without notice. Any changes to the purchase options will be updated on our website. Cowry Cabinets sells solid wood cabinet products that are fully recyclable.

Note: Once the order is placed with Cowry, our customer cannot resell this order to another customer except for customers in the trade industry. More specifically, if the purchase was done through our financing options.  


All orders can be canceled within 24 hours from the time of the order being submitted, confirmed and approved by Cowry.

Cancellation requests must be submitted only by email directly to service@kitchensreno.com to include reason for the cancellation. Cancellation requests via phone, text message or fax will not be accepted. After 24 hours, the previously approved and confirmed order cannot be canceled for any reason. 


Changes to orders:

Changes can be made to existing orders at the discretion of Cowry Cabinets within 24 hours of the order being submitted. All changes will be discussed with the customer to achieve on best effort basis a reasonable compromise for both parties.

All requests for changes must be submitted via email through our site www.kitchensreno.com . Phone, text messages or fax changes will not be accepted. If and when a change is approved/made to an existing order, a new order confirmation will be emailed back to the customer for record purposes. Changes to orders are not considered final/complete unless the customer has this new order confirmation. 

On best effort basis, Cowry Cabinets Inc., will strives to deliver a quick turnaround time with the processing of your order after the initial submission. Once the order has been processed, the order cannot be modified, canceled, or added to. This includes combining newer orders with older orders to save on shipping cost. 

Refund/Return Policy: 

Cowry Cabinets does not accept returns on custom cabinets due to customer errors (i.e. you get exactly what was ordered). Cowry Cabinets accepts returns due to order picking errors caused by our warehouse and employees only.

If an order has been specially authorised to be returned and refunded to the customer, Cowry will charge a standard restocking fee of 15% of the total order.

In addition to the restocking fee, all return shipping cost will be at the customer account and expenses. The customer will be required to provide Cowry with a prepaid shipping receipt confirmation prior to Cowry accepting the product return at its warehouse.

In the case where a customer elects to finance their purchase and the product is being returned to Cowry for refund, an additional standard charge will apply of 1% of the total loan amount for the first 30 days, 2% for the next 60 days and 3% of the next 90 days from the date of purchase and financing approval.     

Damage in Shipping:

Please contact Cowry Cabinets at service@kitchensreno.com if your product arrives damaged. It will be the customers responsibility to inspect and notify Cowry immediately at the time of acceptance of the product if it appears to be damaged. We will work with you to provide a replacement product, or repair the existing product in a timely manner. Cowry Cabinets will not be responsible for indirect costs/delays associated with damaged products. 

For damage to wood products like doors, drawer boxes, etc., please see our warranty section for more information.

Shortages or Discrepancies: 

Please email Cowry Cabinets service@kitchensreno.com if there are any shortages in your order. Replacements will be produced and shipped in a timely manner. 

Customer Errors:

Mistakes may happen from time to time. Whether a cabinet door is drilled the wrong side for the knobs and pulls, or a simple measuring error requiring a new cabinet to be made. Cowry Cabinets will help correct all errors in a timely manner. Any additional costs regarding the errors not related to manufacturing as previously mentioned are to  the customer’s full responsibility. Please email customer service service@kitchensreno.com as we would be more than happy to assist you as needed. 

Large Freight Orders: 

The freight carrier will be instructed to call and schedule an appointment prior to dropping off the order at a mutually convenient time and place for the customer. Most orders over $2000 will be shipped out via freight on single or multiple pallets.  To have large freight orders delivered to addresses other than the designated trucking terminal, please contact customer service to discuss arrangements. Once the shipment is delivered, it is the responsibility of the customer to protect the order from weather and other elements that may damage the contents such as heat, cold, water, blunt force, etc.

Please inspect immediately the order for damage prior to accepting delivery of the shipment. If there is visible damage please take multiple pictures of the damage, and the complete order immediately. This will help us to assist you with the claim/process if a part is damaged. Damaged parts will be replaced or repaired by Cowry Cabinets in a timely manner. service@kitchenrenos.com


*Empty pallets and/or all packaging materials such as plywood, cardboard, and foam are to be discarded by the customer at the customer’s expense. The delivery drivers will not accept or remove any of these materials at the point of delivery.

*In some cases, additional charges may apply due to an inaccessible delivery address, island/rural deliveries (where there is no road to the delivery address), rural, multi-level apartment/condo buildings without elevators, and/or various other obstacles. The customer will be responsible for coordinating and paying for any and all additional services required to deliver the order.


*Warranty may be void and cancelled due to improper professional installation.